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HeARTful Connections


Quality Time Made Easy

HeARTful Connections Bonding Box is the perfect way to connect with your child through creative activities! Join in on a series of 4 live sessions filled with fun, engaging activities to craft together. If your schedule does not permit one of the sessions, you have access to replay the sessions at any time. Perfect for parents who want to get creative with their children and strengthen their bond

Series Schedule

These are the 4 activities we do together. If you miss a live session you will have access to the replay, but being part of the festivities in the moment is highly  encouraged!

Your Host

Estee Marie, Creativity Coach

Meet Estee, a passionate Arts Integration Specialist, dedicated to spreading the joy of creativity. Join her to explore the magic of art and bonding with your child.

Create together, connect deeply, and cherish the precious moments. Unleash your artistic selves and forge lifelong memories.

Don't miss the chance to embark on this unforgettable journey. Experience the power of art to strengthen the bond between you and your loved one. Let's paint our way to love and inspiration with these HeARTful Connection bonding boxes!

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Q: Is this a box of activities with pre-recorded video directions?

A: This is a box of activities that is paired with a LIVE EVENT SERIES

Q: How many live events are there?

A: There are 4 live events, taking place every Saturday from the start date

Q: How many participants can make use of one box?

A: Each box has enough supplies for 3 people 

Q: Will these activities be messy?

A: Always lean on the side of protecting your workspace when dealing with painting activities.  The HeART Pour workshop will likely be the messiest activity.

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